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Sunday, October 02, 2005


The day started rather late, as I eventually managed to bring the computer on the net (one of these japanese speedtests indicates a close to 2MB line), resulting in me spending most of the night the making layout of my blog page. I had noticed a discrepancy in the inventory list in my room the day before, so I decided to walk down to Sakura House office to report it, partly to have a look around as well. The weather was really nice, and I believe it must have been the warmest since day I arrived, close to 30 degrees.

On the way I passed one of the enormous number of Ma-ka-do-na-ru-do in the City. Some words have been invented in modern times for obvious reasons, while for others have been imported even though they have their Japanese counterparts. It may seem strange for foreigners, but rather normal and cool amongst the Japanese to throw in some imported words now and then, written out in Katakana (one of their scripts), and also English words written normally. You can especially see this in most of their webpages - the few words in English sure does not help the foreigner read the page and is of little use for the Japanese readers.

I stopped at a mobile shop on my way down. There is a jungle of phones tied up their respective operators. I found a cool phone, Mitsubishi Foma M1000 (two displaymodels on the picture) . It really has a impressive screen for its rather compact size. I haven't been able to find much more else, as it runs the Japanese 3G variant I-mode, and thus for the Japanese market and hence all info in Japanese as well. Foreigner will in most cases need an "Alien Card" in order to subscribe to one of the operators.

Later in the afternoon when I returned, I got the opportunity to meet Helena, the 5th person in the flat. She is Japan doing parts of her Joint degree in Arts and Japanese, and is going to stay for one year. I spoke to Sebastian later in the evening, and we agreed to take trip outside Tokyo the day after.


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